Project partner leaves passive-aggressive comments in Google Docs edit history

Some students express their frustration with group projects outright, while others are more covert about displaying their displeasure.

Sources involved with a group project in section 002 of economics professor Jamie Wilson’s ECON 200 class reported that group member Riley McMann, a junior political science major, has been expressing his frustration with other members of the group in a roundabout way.

McMann was discovered leaving passive-aggressive comments on the others’ work on the group’s shared Google Drive.

Names have been changed to protect the victims’ identities. The discovery was made by group member Matthew Salas.

“I was just looking through the revision history to see if anyone added any more sources and I saw that Riley wrote something kinda rude about another group member and then deleted it,” Salas said. “I don’t think Tina [Allen] is so forgetful that she’d forget to attend her own funeral.”

“If I actually had any connection to Riley aside from this class, maybe I’d be a little hurt,” Allen said, “but I just find it funny that he has such distaste for others yet an aversion to confrontation.”

“I told him I would get my sources found and recorded by 2 [p.m.] yesterday, but I got called into work and couldn’t get it done until 5. He goes and leaves this snarky comment about how I can’t remember to do shit. Like, don’t get so worked up over a group project, dude.”

Group member Dylan Watson told The DailyER the groups for the project were assigned by the course TA.

“We had no choice in who we worked with, so I just told myself I would do my share of the work and that’s it,” Watson said. “I guess Riley thought writing half the fucking paper wasn’t enough of a fair share, though, because he left a shitload of comments critiquing my writing style and correcting grammar that wasn’t even wrong.”

McMann could not be reached for comment.