Pulled-Over White Man Never Feeling More Confident

When Alexander Christofferson saw the flashing of blue and red in his rear view mirror as he drove down Vine Street, a cool, broad grin stretched across his face.

He felt no fear nor dread, only the confidence that comes with the privilege of his skin color.

“I knew I was gonna be fine,” Christofferson told The DailyER upon recounting being pulled over by a Lincoln Police Department officer. “I will admit for a brief instant I was a little worried, but all I had to do was look in the mirror to remind myself that I’m white. Suddenly, I felt untouchable.”

Christofferson was let off with little more than a verbal warning to wear his seatbelt.

“I’ve been pulled over lots of times, and as long as you aren’t doing anything super illegal or are white, you’re fine,” Christofferson said.

While Christofferson insists he was confident his racial identity would pull him through, he was quick to acknowledge how drastically different the outcome could have been.

“Who knows how it could’ve turned out if I were Black, or Native American, or even Muslim. All I know is that this white boi got off easy. Helllll yeah!!!”