Random Time Skip Leaves TA In Infinite Unconstructive Loop

Students in Kyle Strait’s Philosophy 106 recitation section are more than familiar with the Teaching Assistant’s lengthy and spontaneous tangents. As a third year TA for the afternoon Philosophy & Current Issues, Strait considers the class a “playing ground of existential and metaphysical thought,” and is often critiqued for repeating concepts to an unnecessary degree.

Wednesday’s recitation section came to an abrupt halt, however, when a random time skip resulting from small tears ripped in the fabric of the Universe coincided with Strait’s prolonged lecture on “The Trolley Problem” and left the TA in an eternal loop, reexplaining the same 54 seconds over and over again.

“[The class] didn’t seem to notice at first.” said Wyn Bayless, an Adjunct Professor who was auditing the lecture. “I guess the philosophy department isn’t exactly known for their succinct lectures, but this is ridiculous.”

Bayless, along with the entirety of Strait’s recitation group, attempted to snap the TA out of his loop. All efforts so far have been unsuccessful.

“It was so strange when it happened. It sounded exactly like every other day of class.” said sophomore English major Tracy Whitmore “It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth go around that we realized anything was wrong.”

Strait was last reported still in the lower level of Avery Hall, repeating the same 3 points of the moral implications of pulling, or not pulling, levers.