Really big spider crashes on couch for 3 months


Senior marketing major Shannon Baughman has given a whole new meaning to pest control, as a very large spider has been living on her couch for the past three months.

Baughman discovered the spider skittering around in the basement of her home at 48th and A streets, but didn’t think much of it besides its massive height of 5’8” lengthwise.

She decided to let it live, thinking at some point it would find its way back into the wilderness outside of her house. As time went by, the spider began to become less frightened of her and began asking for things like food, water and a place to sleep.

Baughman offered her couch to the spider, thinking that the spider was just going through some kind of rough patch in its life and would leave eventually.

“It’s been three months and, honestly, it’s been hell,” Baughman said. “I’ll come home from class looking to unwind and relax in a nice clean house, but I can’t seem to get that type of peace of mind with the spider living here.”

Baughman said that the majority of the time when she comes home there’s trash all over her home, and the spider will just be splayed out on the couch, watching Dexter and eating Funyuns.

“I’m beginning to consider getting the landlord involved, this has gotten so out of hand,” she said. “Funyuns make me feel sick and I hate Dexter. I fear I’m just enabling this lifestyle now and it needs to stop.”

The spider could not be reached for a comment on this matter because the reporter has a very severe case of arachnophobia. The situation doesn’t look good for Baughman, however, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon.