Report: Traces of Beer Discovered in Budweiser


Panic struck the Budweiser manufacturing plant last Thursday as trace amounts of beer were discovered in the water during its final stages of production before being bottled.

“During a routine inspection of the sanitization stage, the water tested positive for beer. We made sure to remove the entire batch from production, but we’re unsure how much water made it through contaminated with beer,” said Budweiser CEO Darren Snyder in a public statement concerning the scandal.

According to Budweiser, as many as 1,500 cases of water on shelves in stores could contain trace amounts of beer. Snyder ordered a recall of all Budweiser water for the time being until they can trace exactly where all the cases of contaminated water are.

“We’re trying to get the situation under control right now. I can’t say exactly how long ago the first contamination happened, but we are making it our mission to track down every last bottle and get the beer out of the hands of our customers,” Snyder reassured the public.

Right now, the future of Budweiser is uncertain. They will have to work hard to gain back the trust of their customers.

Snyder issued a statement for all employees of Anheuser-Busch as an attempt to move forward from the scandal, saying, “We need to work hard to make sure that this does not happen again. We owe it to our customers to make it a company-wide goal that beer will never end up in their hands again.”

The Budweiser recall will likely be over soon with new, pure batches of Budweiser water hitting shelves in a few weeks; however, only time will tell whether or not Budweiser will be able to successfully recover from this level of disgrace.