Review: Herbie’s Baby

By day, Herbie is the heart and soul for Husker fans across the state, but by night, he is a passionate man trying to conceive a red-hatted offspring to call his own. But Herbie can never seem to catch a break; his health insurance keeps getting rejected at the University Health Center for neonatal healthcare, and the meals at the dining hall just can’t keep him nourished enough for two.

But one day, by the little sound in his dorm room beneath the stadium, Herbie found a secret door and a baby crying behind it, one that he had delivered that morning! But the new love of Herbie’s life looked a little unusual, with devilish horns on his head…. Maybe it was pesky Arizona State that impregnated young Herb with their spawn, or was it Lil’ Red who is playing tricks on big bro Herbie again?

Check out this mascot classic to uncover our hero’s ties to the devil himself.