REVIEW: Smoking Hookah Outside Abel Hall

Everyone has them.

Long, strenuous days that seem to stretch on until they bring you to your knees in tears. Days like that deserve a happy ending. Just a little bit of time, to kick back, relax, and chill.

The best way to do this?


This device, used to smoke tobacco that is often mixed with fruit, is like a gateway to relaxation. However, its more than just the smoke. Just like real estate, hookah is all about location.

My favorite place?

The picnic tables outside the west entrance of Abel Hall. There is just something about that place. Maybe it’s the warm invitation of composite and steel picnic tables. Maybe it’s the proximity to the towering monolith that is Abel Hall. Maybe it is the fact that I can sit down and smoke with people less groomed than myself.

Whatever it is, I can’t help but feel at home there. If you ever find the need to unwind, then the Abel Hall smoke spot is the place for you.

In short: Great atmosphere, great people, and great tobacco. 10/10