Review: The Rexorcist

Runza Rex makes his film debut in “The Rexorcist,” a true, stomach-quenching account of Regan MacNeil becoming exactly what she ate.

After incessantly glugging down Runza meals, Burg-bad, meat demon of the fourth realm and obvious metaphor for pro veganism, takes control of the hapless schoolgirl. Throughout most of the film, MacNeil’s Burg-bad persona plays as a caricature of meat eaters everywhere. She crawls belly up down flights of stairs with grease masked across her face. She disturbingly spins her head as a spooky owl would, as is common in carnivore parodies. Then, if not on the nose already, she projectile vomits beef and cabbage.

MacNeil’s fate seems to be sealed until Runza Rex walks through the door. Making his appearance donning his classic priestly garb with suitcase in hand, Rex begins to save her. Sadly, this is where the movie loses touch of its message entirely. Instead of establishing a counter-argument to Burg-bad’s vegan philosophy, Rex begins preaching Runza advertisements.