Roommate introduces Taco Bell breakfast menu to bathroom

In his biggest and most highly anticipated movement of the semester, local roommate Todd Corby will be releasing the innovative Taco Bell Waffle Taco, the all-in-one A.M. Crunchwrap, and the popular Cinnabon® Delights in the bathroom.

The shared bathroom is already used to handling Taco Bell during lunch and dinner, but Corby will break new ground March 27, 2014 when he introduces the flavors, aromas and textures of Taco Bell to the breakfast hour.

“I am not asking if this is okay,” Corby said, noting that the bathroom is shared with two other roommates. “I am letting you guys know in advance to be prepared for Taco Bell in the morning,” he said.

Corby is confident Taco Bell Breakfast will continue to provide the routine taco bell bathroom experience his roommates have come to expect over the years, but now with the classic breakfast scents of eggs, sausage, bacon and hashbrowns.

“Whenever I eat Taco Bell, my gut goes like clockwork,” Corby said, “Taco Bell Breakfast is really going to “wake up” my morning routine.”

Adam Lankins, 21, one of Corby’s roommates, gets off his night shift pet food factory job late enough to find Corby in the bathroom in the early morning.

“It already smells like taco bell in there the rest of the day, so I don’t see how this is going to be all that new,” Lankins said.

The smell is not the issue, explained roommate and David Schleuter, a nutritional science student.

“You really shouldn’t eat this much Taco Bell,” Schleuter said. “Seriously, eat some fruit and vegetables, you eat far too much meat as it is,” he said.

Lankins also noted that eating too many eggs has had a historically negative effect on Corby’s bathroom experience.

“Really? Taco Bell eggs?” Lankins asked hypothetically,

“Good luck with that.”