Roommate tired of being subject of Dailyer articles

Citing multiple articles published in the Dailyer concerning obnoxious, inconsiderate and unintelligent roommates, area man Eric Holthaus recently requested that the Dailyer “stop writing articles about him.”

“Seriously, James, I’m tired of this shit,” Holthaus stated in an interview. “If you have a problem with me then just tell me upfront instead of passive aggressively writing articles about everything I do.”

Holthaus soon became hostile when asked to elaborate further upon his sentiments towards Dailyer articles that may or may not have been inspired by his own inability to function as normal human being.

“Why are you writing all of this down?” Holthaus inquired as he neglected to take his dishes out of the sink for the third day in a row. “God damnit you’re doing it again, aren’t you? I told you to stop!”

Becoming more and more agitated, Holthaus began to resent the entire existence of the Dailyer.

“I knew I should never have voted to fund the Dailyer. I fucking knew it. You guys aren’t even real journalists and don’t have a future.”

“I swear to God if I see any of this in the next Dailyer issue I am going to freak the fuck out.”