Runners-up for the UPC concert

UPC Runners-Up for Spring Concert

University Program Council recently announced that T-Pain would be headlining UNL’s annual spring concert. However, The DailyER has acquired a leaked list of the artists that almost made the cut:


Big Sean

Yeah, he’s been here before. But who wouldn’t want a repeat of that memorable performance? Stick to what works!


Big Sean

We got him here once –we thought we could do it again! A favorite for all ages, he was a hit back in 2014 when he performed out on the green space.



Now that his campaign is over, we figure he’s got plenty of time to work up a few songs. He’s mentioned an affinity for the “Florida Georgia Band,” maybe Huckabee’s not the only Republican presidential hopeful to try the country scene.


That Blues Traveler cover band in the apartment below you that practices every Tuesday night

They’ve been waiting for their big break, and this could be it. Called “okay, I guess” by neighbors, these dedicated fellows have mastered the art of soulful harmonica. They may only have a few songs worked up, but their extended “Run-Around” jam can take up 40 minutes.


Lil’ Red

You’ve probably never heard him sing before, but boy, is it something special. Ever wondered why he never talks? It’s because he’s saving that golden voice for this exact opportunity.


Big Sean

Come on. It would’ve been great. Everyone loves Big Sean, right?


Harvey Perlman

Farewell concerts are always a hit. Just look at the Eagles, they’ve had a whole bunch.