Rural Nebraskan gives “Intriguing” State Geography Lesson

After becoming acquainted with his fellow dorm-mates, freshmen agronomy student Matthew Jackson sparked up conversation the only way he knew. Upon discovering his new friends were from Omaha, Jackson piped up and told of his own humble origin.

“I’m from Meadow Hills, ever heard of it?”

After being greeted with silence Jackson took the opportunity to teach the city slickers a bit about the geography of the great state of Nebraska.

“Well Meadow Hills is eight miles east of Hall City which is two hours southeast of Lincoln, smack dab in between Preston and Barada.” Jackson also impressed his friends by the fact that his parents’ row crop farm is only five miles from Kansas and three from Missouri.

“Actually I take that back, I only went to high school in Meadow Hills, I actually live in Forestville, a village right outside of Meadow Hills, but nobody’s ever heard of it so I just tell folks I’m from Hall City.” The crowd slowly lost interest and dwindled as his new friends from Omaha left to talk about the different drugs they snorted the night before while they listened to Icky Blossoms.

Exhausted from his lecture Jackson wandered to the floor below where he met a beautiful girl also from a rural community. They hit it off quick. Laura Parton was from Mountain View, a small town in central Nebraska roughly thirty miles west of North Platte along I-80. Parton timidly asked if Jackson had ever heard of Mountain View and was flattered when he confirmed. Jackson mentioned that he had become friends with someone from Mountain View at an FFA event during his stint as chapter vice president.

“Have you ever met David Brooks?” asked Jackson. Parton stated that the two were classmates and had actually gone to junior prom together but then abruptly dropped the subject.

After the conversation of hometown logistics and last year’s corn yields was over, topic shifted to never having seen so many black people in their lives.