Seeds Spotify Playlist Vol. 7 Issue 12: “Sad Bastard Music

By Jacob Fricke

A cavalcade of emotions is never complete without crushing, debilitating sadness. A glimmer of hope makes it all the worse. And yet, what can be less healthy than restraining this feeling? Nothing. Let it all out; climb out of the hole a better person.

Listen to this playlist on our Seeds Spotify Playlist:

1. “When It’s Blackout” | Black Lungs

2. “Weapon” | Matthew Good

Your parents put on a brave face, and smile. They say they’re proud, and they’re not lying. But you disappoint them. You will never live up to their expectations. You will improve on their accomplishments, but not enough to make a difference.

3. “That’s All” | Genesis

4. “(Fork and Knife)” | Brand New

You know everything you want. You crave it. You just have to reach out and seize it. But fear stops you. And will continue to stop you.

5. “The Vulture” | Gallows

6. “Two Days in February” | The Goo Goo Dolls

For years, you’ve disparaged your hometown and couldn’t wait to get away. Now, you regret throwing away that feeling of comfort you can never regain.

7. “Even Rats” | The Slip

8. “Sang Real” | Dredg

9. “The Waitress” | Atmosphere

Those we love are often those we disappoint the most.

10. “You Suffer” | Napalm Death

You suffer, but why?

11. “Here Comes My Man” | The Gaslight Anthem

12. “Worlds and Dreams” | Misery Signals

13. “The Ledge” | The Replacements

Your highschool significant other now regards the time you spent together as ‘youthful indiscretions.’ But you don’t. Their affection is the purest you will ever have. Years from now, that emptiness will not be filled.

14. “Wood and Wire” | Thrice

Someone, somewhere, would value you more than they could ever express. You could save them, and make them happy. But you won’t.

15. “Tiny Raindrop” | Balance and Composure

16. “Jhazmyne’s Lullaby” | 7 Angels 7 Plagues

You will meet and forget more people than you can possibly remember. Someone may have been perfect for you. One or two may have legitimately cared about your fate. But you will neglect them, and that opportunity will never arise again.

17. “Sad Bastard Music” | You, Me, and Everyone We Know

Rich or poor, beloved or friendless, everyone enters the void alone.