Self-described “informed liberal” voted for whoever Jeff Fortenberry ran against

On Election Day, freshman Laurie Anderson was excited to express her political attitude for the first time.

Anderson, who described herself as an “informed liberal,” was excited to vote for all of the Democratic politicians and policies on the ballot.

However, while Anderson seemed knowledgeable on choices like the presidency and the death penalty, she seemed more myopic about her choice for representative, as she described the person she voted for as, “whoever Jeff Fortenberry competed against.”

While Anderson may not know who is competing against Fortenberry, she still voted for his competitor, Daniel Wik, because he probably supports the same thing she does.

“Republicans are bad. They are spooky and want to kill people with poisons, “ Anderson said. “Democrats are cool and for the people, and even though I know nothing about his values or policies, I can guarantee that he doesn’t want to kill me with poisons.”

Party support is important in order to gain control of the House and Senate. However, it’s important to at least know something about a candidate before voting for him or her–at least for everyone besides Anderson.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton and to retain the vote because they will improve our country and state,” Anderson said. “And I voted for whoever against Jeff Fortenberry because he is not Fortenberry.”

When Daniel Wik was asked about this type of support from liberal Nebraskans, he said it’s good for his campaign and the Democratic Party in Nebraska–he believes that any vote for the party is good.

“Any vote for the Democrats, informed or not, is good for Democracy in Nebraska,” said the conservative Democrat. “Any vote I take from Fortenberry makes me proud.”