Sen. Chambers Introduces Mandatory Flag Burning Legislation

Though few Nebraskans know the meaning of the word unicameral, we know all too well of State Sen. Ernie Chambers. The representative from the 11th District of Omaha, known for suing God and demanding the Pledge of Allegiance be abolished from schools, is at it again. In his bill LB69420, Chamber calls for mandatory flag burnings in elementary schools throughout the state.


“I hate America,” declared Chambers as he took stand on the legislative floor wearing his trademark humble attire.


“The American flag is racist! It contains an unproportionally large white region that fails to properly represent the minority populations of America.”


Nebraskans across the state have let their negative sentiment of the bill be known. Auburn, Nebraska resident Benjamin Buck questioned Chamber’s patriotism referring to him—amongst other un-publishable things—as a “dang Commie who wants nothing more than to steal our freedom.”


In his 38 years of service, Chambers has been none too shy to monikers. With nicknames such as “the angriest black man south of Ames Street” and “Omaha’s most famous African American since Malcolm X,” it’s difficult to imagine a state legislature void of Chambers’ charm—a charm that’s as much a part of the state government as the Golden Sower that graces the capitol’s roof.


Though radical, Chambers’ actions have been defended by Gov. Heineman.


“Ernie’s a stubborn ole’ bull, which makes this boring non-partisan crap a bit more interesting. If nothing else it at least gives us something to bicker about other than which of Rick’s [Sheehy] mistresses is the cutest.”

In a final statement by Chambers, he said, “None of your bitch ass term limits gon’ stop Ernie!”