Sexual Tension One-Sided

Students and acquaintances Jennifer Laus and Donald Gibbs are engaged in a palpable level of sexual tension, according to Gibbs.

Gibbs and Laus met in Biology 101 during their freshmen year and have since gone from a “simple friendship” to “fostering a sexual tension as real as any sitcom ‘will they, won’t they’ couple,” claims Gibbs.

“Gibbs is a really nice guy, and good friends with people I know, so we do see each other a lot. He is rather funny occasionally,” Laus said when asked about Gibbs.

According to Gibbs, the relationship really started heating up during a party in their sophomore year when Laus was having some trouble with then-boyfriend, now fiancé, Kyle.

“Kyle was just being an ass, and I made sure to let her know that,” Gibbs said.

“She was drunk, but I could tell the hug and kiss on the cheek she gave me after we talked for three hours wasn’t impaired judgement but something she’d meant to do for awhile.”

“I guess he does kind of say some negative things about Kyle a lot,” Laus remembered.

“Huh, I guess he doesn’t really like him. That’s weird, I don’t even think they know each other.”

According to Gibbs, he’s counting down the days until Jennifer really takes a good look deep down and realizes they’ve always been meant to be together.

“She’s getting married in three weeks, and I think she’s going to start realizing how much better off she is with me any day now. It’s only taken us three and a half years, but I know she’s going to make the right decision,” Gibbs said.

After explaining the layout for the wedding for over thirty minutes, Jennifer finally gushed, “and I get to spend it with my best friend Kyle. I love that man more than life itself!”