Soundcloud Spotlight: Monster Mixtape – Future

Future, a relatively new artist, has made a very strong impression on rap music. He released a series of relatively successful series of mixtapes at the beginning of his career, and also released two studio albums, both met with critical acclaim. His latest project, “Monster”, dropped on October 28. At first listen, it sounds exactly like one would expect: strong, bass heavy beats, autotuned lyrics, strong production. The mixtape has exactly one featured verse from Lil Wayne, which ends up being one of the stronger verses on the whole tape. Found on the song “After That”, the guest verse provides a nice break from the autotuned lyrics of Future.

The mixtape can get a little repetitive at times, with undercooked beats and little variance in lyrical themes. However, catchy hooks and Future’s charismatic verses keep the listener from dozing off too much. The songs “Fetti”, “Radical”, and “Monster” embody the album, and rightfully so. All three are produced by Metro Boomin, and all three boast the same heavy bass line that is prevalent throughout the mixtape. In particular, “Radical” has a deep, ominous feel, capped off by a uneasy-sounding chanting hook. It transitions right into the title track, which is one of the more in-your-face tracks on the project. These two songs provide a strong one-two punch that sets the tone for the rest of the mixtape. “My Savages” provides a stark contrast, as a ballad, but still maintains a bass heavy feel at the same time. This sound is also found on the song “Hardly”, which is much lighter on the bass. However, these ballads still have the distinct Future sound and rhythm. There is even a skit on the project, which helps to break up the somewhat monotonous sound. Overall, the lack of musical variety does not prove to be a death sentence for the mixtape. It has charisma, and I couldn’t help but listen to it over and over. Future has once again shown why he made a meteoric rise to the top.