Spooky: Tiffany Trump may not actually exist

If one pays even a single iota of attention to the media, they will find it nigh-impossible to avoid hearing something about the current President of the United States or his family members. But many have never heard of the Donald’s rumored second daughter, Tiffany Trump.

That’s right. Rumors of Donald Trump having a second daughter have plagued his life for decades but, with little to no proof, these rumors have largely been seen as just that: rumors. A quick check of Donald Trump’s will shows that it mentions all of Trump’s children minus the rumored second daughter. Is this more proof that she is simply a whisper in the wind? Or is she real and simply erased from the Trump family name?

Donald Trump constantly dotes over his daughter Ivanka, a product of his first marriage to Ivana Zelníčková. Never mentioned, however, is his supposed second daughter. His behavior only further supports the theory that Tiffany Trump is simply a product of the mind and not a corporeal being.

If you search for “Tiffany Trump” online, you’ll find photos of a woman the Internet claims is really Tiffany Trump. Further facial analysis, however, shows no corresponding features between the rumored Tiffany Trump and her supposed father, Donald Trump. That’s right, the Internet is trying to pawn off an impostor as the Donald’s second daughter.

But to what end? Why would a person or group of people go so far as to invent another human being? And why try to relate them to such a prominent public figure? Is it a grab for attention? An attempt to make a quick buck? Or is it something more sinister, like political power? Unless concrete evidence of “Tiffany Trump’s” existence surfaces, the world may never know.