Staff Picks – November-December


EP| Peace Sword | The Flaming Lips
By Annie Bohling

The Flaming Lips’ previous two releases seemed to have been produced during a trip to space. The music was mostly strange and almost annoying sounds and noises and was too obscure and distant for listeners–at least sober listeners–to grasp and enjoy. Peace Sword, however, is a nice return maybe not to earth’s ground, but close enough to be within reach for the average listener. The Flaming Lips still maintain their trademark sci-fi-like sounds that are dreamy, airy and trippy. This six-song release succeeds in being reminiscent of their earlier work that fans have been craving.



ESGN | Freddie Gibbs
By Matt Sueper

Evil Seeds Grow Naturally (ESGN) is Freddie Gibbs’ latest album available now. ESGN has some of Gibbs’ hardest beats and cutting lyrics. The gangster rapper, nicknamed ‘Gangster Gibbs’ is relentless on his delivery and masterful with his rhymes. Freddie Gibbs is the most underrated rapper in the game. You can almost hear him rap with a chip on his shoulder. Gibbs’ albums get better with each one he pumps out. They’re all quite similar in sound and lyrics content, but with each one, he gets better and better.



Feed Me | Calamari Tuesday
By Patrick Wright

Since I picked up Feed Me’s new album the other day I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Upbeat and energetic, DJ Jon Gooch knows what he’s doing. Each track is incredibly well-produced with some fantastic drops, as well as brass on tracks such as “Ophelia” and Daft Punk-style robot sounds on “Death By Robot.” I’m not one to usually like every single track on an album, but Calamari Tuesday is one of those rare exceptions in the best way possible.


TV Series | Scandal
By Phillip Malzer

If you like absurdity, then you will love Scandal.The political thriller stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, former White House Communications Director now in charge of her own crisis management firm. Her job is to fix the reputations of her clients but she somehow cannot seem to shake off her previous relationship with the president.The show is absolutely ludicrous. In the world of Scandal, anything can happen, but that is half the fun. The real reason to watch Scandal is because of Kerry Washington. She should be an A-list hollywood actress right now but she never could find the right part for herself. Now she has and is going full force.



Movie l Foodfight!
Foodfight! is horrible. A children’s movie based around supermarket mascots, Foodfight!  is available on YouTube. It tells the story of Dex Dogtective (played by Charlie Sheen), the search for his anthropomorphized cat and raisin mascot girlfriend, Sunshine Goodness (Hilary Duff), and his battle against the generic and Nazi-esque “Brand X,” (head honcho played by an absurdly sexualized Eva Longoria). Animation is unfinished. Uncomfortable sexual innuendo abounds. Its message is explicitly anti-generic brands and anti-ugly people. It is an awful example of product placement and pandering. It is a perfect example of how not to make a movie.