Steve Nash tears entire right leg

In a NBA season filled with injuries to such star-studded players, veteran Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash was placed on the injured reserve list this week after tearing his entire right leg off in a game against the Portland Trailblazers. The news could not come at a worse time for the 40-year-old, as he has been trying to recover from aggravating injuries to his back and hamstrings and has not been able to get going.

“It is definitely frustrating trying to come up from various injuries all season, and then all of a sudden your leg just falls off for no apparent reason,” said a frustrated and right leg-less Nash.

After the horrific event, the Lakers team facility are trying their best to get Nash back to 100%, but also admits that nobody on the staff has never dealt with a situation like this before.

“I’ve dealt with bad backs and torn hamstrings and ACL tears, but I’ve never dealt with someone’s leg just falling off in a game,” said a perplexed Gary Vitti, head athletic trainer for the Lakers.

“So far, my first two ideas are turning him into the bionic man or somehow sewing it back into, like, a patchwork quilt.”

In a year full of turmoil for Nash, the same could be said for the struggling L.A. Lakers. Many Lakers fans are actually hoping the fact that he tore off his entire leg would force the aged point guard to retire, but Nash assures fans that he is not going anywhere.

“I probably should retire, it’s kind of hard to play basketball with one leg, but they are, after all, giving $10 million for three seasons. I’m going to give them three full seasons,” Nash said.