Student Preparing for LSAT With 120 Hours of Bitching

Junior economics major Calvin Harrold has found a way to cut through the confusion and discovered a LSAT study method perfect for his lifestyle.

The months spent preparing for the LSAT are generally some of the most stressful of an undergraduate’s academic career. The test format requires mental endurance and the stakes are high. It’s enough to overwhelm even the best students.

Harrold could not be reached for comment, but The DailyER was able to contact his roommate, Samantha Greenman for insight into his habits.

“The LSAT? Yeah, Calvin won’t shut up about it. All damn day with that asshole.”

Greenman explained that while Harrold has purchased all the supplies one would use to prepare for an admittance test, he’s primarily moved them from room to room accompanied with exasperated grunts. She estimates that Harrold spends 40 hours per week attempting to take a practice test while lamenting the weird, distracting noise the fridge makes.

“I came over to play FIFA the other day but when I got there Calvin was muttering about ‘logic games’ and he wouldn’t look up from his book,” Jeff Linus said. “I don’t think he was reading it but he kept whining about how small the book’s ISBN code was. Then he took a really angry-looking nap. I dunno, hope he gets into his dream school.”

Not content to let his mental abilities stagnate, Harrold changed his pre-test grievances to include equal whining about how expensive the LSAT is, how biased written exams are against the dumb and how moving all these heavy books will ruin his soft vertebrae.

At press time, “why me, why do I endure this injustice?” echoed from the bathroom, which indicated that Harrold had moved onto mastering the Socratic method.