Student who promised to move to Canada if Trump was elected enrolled for spring semester


Sophomore Jennifer Daniels has made some lofty propositions in her lifetime.

Daniels, like many other people, was against Donald Trump and his campaign for the White House. As a vocal opponent against Trump, Daniels was confident that society would reject his hateful rhetoric and would lose embarrassingly. She was so confident that Trump would not be president, she confessed to anyone she knew that if he were to be elected she would move to Canada the moment of his inauguration.

After two months of waiting for confirmation, it has been confirmed by DailyER sources that Daniels has enrolled for spring classes and has decided not to fulfill on the declaration she shouted to anybody she saw.

In an exclusive interview The DailyER, Daniels reiterated that she is not happy with the outcome of the election and would move to Canada if she could, but right now is not the best time for her.

“I have a lot on my plate, I still have two years of school left, all my friends are here, and my parents would not be happy with dropping out and moving to another country,” Daniels said.  “I’m still upset about the election but not enough the fulfill a statement I said in a volatile rage.”

While Daniels’ decision has cost Canada a potential new citizen, many around Daniels’ circle are not surprise that she has stayed.

“Of course she not moving to Canada, 2016 made tons of angry liberals say crazy things,” said Otto Schmitt, Daniels’ friend. “What was she going to do there? Move there to work a part-time job and take advantage of Canada’s generous health care program?”

Plans for Canadian citizenship may be delayed or cancelled, but Daniels is still embracing the maple leaf as a form of inspiration for the future.

“Canada rules eh, anybody want to hit the ice for a middle 3-on-3, Monty, Go Raptors,” shouted Daniels in a language uninterruptible to American ears. “Maple Syrup. Michael J. Fox. Wayne Gretzky. Bring back the Expos.”