Student reaches 1000 word requirement by adding picture

student adds picture to paper to meet 1000 word requirement

In Ms. Niddleton’s English class at Lincoln Southwest High School, something happened that changed the way this country looks at essays.

Student Chad Grossman got an A on his history essay about Abraham Lincoln. It’s not the grade that’s important here, it’s how he got it.

Chad copy and pasted a picture of a puppy wearing a captain’s hat in place of the entire essay. Niddleton, 76, said she broke down into tears at the pure genius of Grossman’s work.

“I have never felt this rush of emotions before,” Niddleton said. “It was as if I was a child again, happy and living free from all responsibility. It was clever and hilarious. I just loved it. Also, I felt like I learn a lot about Abraham Lincoln.”

After reading this masterpiece and crying for about two hours, Niddleton gave Grossman the highest honor she could: 55 points out of a possible 50. She also sent the essay to Penguin Publication and they were just as astonished. It was printed immediately.

“The Essay on Abraham Lincoln” went on shelves the next day in every store in the country and sold out everywhere in 15 minutes. The essay went on to outsell the Bible and the entire “Twilight” series the following week.

Small cults and religions based off the essay have popped up in recent weeks that praise Chad as a prophet.

The essay was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and future recipients will receive the Grossman Prize because of the sheer impact his work had.

Grossman discussed his inspiration in an interview this past week.

“I woke up the night before it was due and realized that I hadn’t even started, so I knew I was fucked. Sooooo, I looked up adorable pictures in Google and put it in. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. English sucks.”