Student in spiral chair in union takes out 5 people

It has been three years since the remodeling of the Nebraska Union, which included the common space near the fake Starbucks getting a fresh makeover, creating more work space and study areas for students to hang out with friends or work on their classes.

One thing that has caused quite a commotion in the last few years is the spiral chairs that look like enlarged tops and don’t really serve any purpose for studying or sitting. The only time they are used is when there are no places left to sit in the Union, which is exactly what occurred when freshmen Lance Overman sat in those spiral seats last Tuesday afternoon.

In between his two classes, Overman decided to get a latte from fake Starbucks and sit in one of the chairs to kill some time. It is at that time when Overman, hyped off caffeine, spun so aggressively that he lost control of the chair and injured five students sitting near him.

The injuries were considered minor to non-life-threatening, but the public embarrassment has made Overman feel guilty for his actions.

“I would like to apologize to everyone I accidently hurt during my spiral on the chairs of death,” Overman said. “I didn’t even want to sit in those contraptions, it was just the only seat available at the time.”

Sally Dennington was one the students injured in the spinny chair disaster, but she doesn’t blame Overman one bit.

“Those chairs can be a little dangerous if you’re not careful. This was just one of those times,” Dennington said. “Those chairs are a nuisance and danger to the students of this campus and they must be destroyed.”

Chancellor Ronnie Green made public comments on the matter and clarified that while the incident was bad, the chairs will stay.

“Those ‘giant tops’ are worth about $500 each, so we’re not getting rid of them.”