How to survive getting owned online (pt. 1)

Joe Burrows
Joe Burrows | The DailyER

Well, it finally happened, didn’t it?

Everyone experiences it, and it has different effects on us all. Whether your online presence is good, like mine, or bad, like the sitting president’s, we are all bound to get owned at one time or another. And when it happens, The DailyER is here to help.

The natural response to being owned online is to log off, and this makes perfect sense. However, if you follow through on this urge you will be a coward, and all of your posts will be tainted from that point. This makes it important to get right back in the saddle.

Post a little or post a lot, but whatever you do, just keep posting. If your online adversary sees your name continue to pop up on their timeline, they will become discouraged and avoid logging on.

As an added bonus, you may see good numbers on one of your posts in this time period. Whether you get an extra like or ten extra likes, the result is the same: you will become a more powerful online being.

To recap: immediately after being owned online, do not panic or abandon all hope. Most people will get owned once, twice, maybe even three times in their online careers. It is important to come back with timely and consistent posts, and to drive fear into the heart of the person that owned you.

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