Taco Bell “a Good Idea at the Time”

Contrary to UNL junior Ricky Long’s judgment, getting a Volcano Burrito at Taco Bell at 2 AM turned out to not actually be a good idea. The Tex-Mex delicacy was purchased while Long was reportedly intoxicated and most likely high, and it left his digestive tract nearly forty minutes later

“It looks so good on the menu. Like the perfect treat to top off a crazy night at my bro’s pad,” commented Long on the Volcano Burrito.

The burrito is Taco Bell’s spiciest item on the menu with its lava sauce—a sauce irresistible to Long’s taste while inebriated. His taste buds seemed to backfire on him this time, as Long spent a reported “like two hours” on the toilet not long after ingesting the burrito.

“I think it’s spicier going out than going in. Wow, that decision really bit me in the ass this time,” said Long. “I recommend a cast-iron stomach for that son of a bitch.”