Joining the resistance: Joan Rivers’ family just held a second funeral, and this one’s theme was ‘Never Trump’

Joan Rivers, beloved American comedienne known for her caustic wit and pointed humor, died on September 4th, 2014, at the age of 81. Her passing sent shockwaves through the Hollywood community, and the lack of Rivers’ presence has been felt for the past three years. Rivers, during her lifetime, kept fans guessing about her political […] Read more

Hostility to conservatives revealed: UNL’s bookstore doesn’t sell any Larry the Cable Guy albums

Controversy has been swirling in recent weeks about the political climate on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s campus. Many students and faculty members have insisted that claims of hostility toward conservative viewpoints have been baseless and unsubstantiated, but now, UNL’s critics have found their smoking gun. As part of their ongoing investigation, the Nebraska Governor’s office sent […] Read more