Top 9 DailyER codes of conduct

As the only content-driven journalistic publication on campus, we here at The DailyER are tasked with providing you, the students, quality news stories every month. How is this accomplished, you ask? We have strict Codes of Conduct keeping writers in line every issue, all the time, always. In order to pay tribute to those Conducting Codes, […] Read more

Insipid fake news editor hiding behind label “satire”

Lately, politicians and citizens alike have cracked down on media sources accused of spreading false and pandering information, or “fake news.” Recently, Nebraska officials have discovered a cowardly, wretched outlet that has blatantly released fake news, and has tried defending itself. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, The DailyER, an insipid spreader of fake news through […] Read more

DailyER Writers Unionize

After years of abusive working conditions and poor wages, the staff of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s satirical student paper The DailyER decided to unionize in order to secure a more hospitable work environment, decrying the strange and sadistic treatment they received over the last several years. “It’s been so bad for so long,” an anonymous […] Read more