Pinnacle Bank Arena out-of-bounds lines rededicated in honor of Hank Bounds

After years of tireless service to higher education, Hank Bounds is finally getting the respect he deserves. Bounds, the president of the University of Nebraska system, was honored Sunday when Pinnacle Bank Arena rededicated its out-of-bounds lines as the “out-of-Hank-Bounds” lines. “This is a huge moment for my career,” Bounds said, who became president in […] Read more

Lil’ Red cannon stunt ends in tragedy

Tragedy struck the Lincoln community this week when Nebraska Cornhuskers mascot Lil’ Red was involved in a freak accident at a Husker basketball game at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. The stunt, involving one of the cannons used to launch promotional items across the arena, was not properly calibrated to project something with the exaggerated physique […] Read more

Huskers unveil salad launcher after fans demand healthier aerial food options

For decades, the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ hot dog launcher has thrilled fans by sending processed meat spiraling through the air and into their mouths. But, the football team’s more health-conscious fans have been left out of the action — until now. Prior to the Huskers’ home game against Purdue, Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst and University […] Read more