Top 9 DailyER codes of conduct

As the only content-driven journalistic publication on campus, we here at The DailyER are tasked with providing you, the students, quality news stories every month. How is this accomplished, you ask? We have strict Codes of Conduct keeping writers in line every issue, all the time, always. In order to pay tribute to those Conducting Codes, […] Read more

Student offered $670 million book deal after publishing first Odyssey Online article

Demonstrating considerable faith in novice writer and college sophomore Kaitlyn Evans, publishing company Simon & Schuster offered Evans a $670 million book deal after Evans debuted her first Odyssey Online article on Monday. Evans’ article, titled “An Open Letter to my Brother’s Girlfriend’s Sister’s Boyfriend,” first hit the Web early Monday morning on popular blogging […] Read more

donald trump

Journalistic Fairness – For every time Donald Trump tells a factual lie during the debate, we will hit Hillary Clinton in the shoulder

In an effort to achieve political fairness in the continuing coverage of the approaching election, several media sources have announced that they will be starting trial runs of a new system to ensure journalistic integrity. Sources within several leading news corporations have released a statements elaborating on the new practices. “It’s very important that we […] Read more

CNN uses high-tech 3D model to explain concept of good journalism

In an effort to further embrace superfluous technological fluff, CNN recently unveiled its new “360 Journalism Now” holographic imagery to demonstrate the hypothetical concept of what is commonly known as good journalism. Standing in front of the large holographic stage, a torpid and almost lifeless Wolf Blitzer demonstrated the simulation as it began. “We have […] Read more