UNL Board of Regents approves new $80 million building that serves absolutely no purpose

In a time of construction and expansion for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, students and faculty can look for even more expansion coming very soon. UNL President Hank Bounds announced last Thursday that the Board of Regents approved unanimously to go forward with a construction project that will convert the Selleck green space into a new […] Read more

Bo Pelini earns your parents’ mortgage payment while taking a shit after lunch

Yesterday, former Nebraska Cornhuskers football coach Bo Pelini was paid approximately $1,391.79 while moving his bowels in a peristaltic fashion following a hearty midday meal, which, according to your parents, is roughly the same amount they pay every month for the privilege of living out their remaining years in a sturdy, heated middle-class domicile. “It’s […] Read more