OPINION: I don’t agree with Pete Ricketts but I’d still let him [REDACTED][1] me

Editor’s note: This article has been modified to meet The DailyER’s editorial standards. For a family-friendly reading experience, refer to the footnotes at the bottom of the page. Nebraska’s commander in chief, governor Pete Ricketts, has terrible opinions on just about everything. From his stance on abortion and same-sex marriage to his love of the death penalty and […] Read more

Budget Cut: Ricketts to replace entire state of Nebraska with Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 album ‘Nebraska’

Governor Pete Ricketts was confident, composed and ready to strike when he walked into the State Capitol building with his beat-up Sony Walkman and giant Bose noise canceling headphones on Monday, Feb. 12. Unprompted, as he strode into the meeting to decide the bi-annual budget, the good governor said, “There’s no place like Nebraska, except […] Read more

JaySkers begin migration to Creighton

With another Huskers football season in the books, many local sports fans are clamoring for something to celebrate. While Nebraska’s men’s basketball team is giving another valiant effort, their play doesn’t indicate an invitation to March Madness. Across I-80, however, are the Creighton Bluejays, a high-class basketball program and perennial invites to the tourney. Currently […] Read more

Ernie Chambers announces new one-man show “Kintnergram: The Bill Kintner Cybersex Manuscript”

After recent tweets making light of sexual assault against women, State Senator Bill Kintner has made enemies inside and outside the Nebraska Legislature–many of whom are asking for his registration. No one, however, has been more vocal against Kintner than State Senator Ernie Chambers, who has campaigned to get Kintner out of public office ever […] Read more

Self-described “informed liberal” voted for whoever Jeff Fortenberry ran against

On Election Day, freshman Laurie Anderson was excited to express her political attitude for the first time. Anderson, who described herself as an “informed liberal,” was excited to vote for all of the Democratic politicians and policies on the ballot. However, while Anderson seemed knowledgeable on choices like the presidency and the death penalty, she […] Read more