FiveThirtyEight projects a 76 percent chance Nate Silver is out of a job soon

After a highly confounding election season, Nate Silver is no longer the political mastermind he was four years ago. After correctly predicting the 2012 presidential election and launching the ESPN sister site FiveThirtyEight, Silver was anointed the king of the political projections. However, after 18 months of incorrect projections, bad map forecasts and ultimately guessing […] Read more

Revised Trump platform consists entirely of Skittles metaphors

Following his son’s tweet which equated Syrian refugees with a bowl of Skittles candy, Donald Trump made history Wednesday by becoming the first presidential candidate to run on an entirely Skittles-based platform. Trump’s revised platform, which was posted to his campaign website Tuesday morning, left his actual policy proposals unchanged but replaced the complicated political […] Read more