Research concludes “syllabus week” now just “syllabus 30 seconds”

Graduate research assistants at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have recently made a shocking discovery that will change the way students across the nation view their favorite week of the semester: syllabus week. In a report released Tuesday, researchers confirmed that our beloved “syllabus week” is actually just “syllabus 30 seconds.” Research began last fall as graduate research assistants sat in on […] Read more

Fired Philosophy Professor: “My job theoretically still exists”

While stubbornly seated in his now-empty office, recently terminated professor of philosophy Gerald Brewster repeatedly remarked that this was all, “foolish and nonsensical,” and that his job, “theoretically still exists.” “Logically, it’s not possible for me to be fired,” Brewster said of the letter officially terminating his employment. “Clearly nothing exists outside of the human […] Read more

Professor gets completely destroyed by YouTube’s autoplay feature

A professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has reportedly been “absolutely destroyed” by YouTube’s autoplay feature after showing a video to her students. Professor Janice Anderson was in the middle of showing her students an educational video on YouTube during an English class Thursday morning when the incident occurred. According to those in the class, […] Read more


Professor criticized for calling human trafficking seminar “off the chain”

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor has been criticized for his remarks on a recent seminar that dealt with human trafficking. After Patricia Goldman’s captivating speech on the severity of human slavery, UNL professor Barry Watkins led the audience in a round of applause. But it didn’t last for long. Watkins praised Goldman’s talk and remarked […] Read more

Professor Spends First 15 Weeks of Class Trying To Fix Projector

For most college students, dead week means long days and late nights preparing for final exams. But for the members of University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Robert Winfield’s class last semester, it meant witnessing Winfield make an astounding technological breakthrough. Students reported that on the Friday before spring semester finals, with about 10 minutes left in […] Read more