Horrifying: Ronnie Green won’t let this student graduate until he meets his credit requirements

Sophomore John Stallworth is just like any other student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln: a mathematics major with interests in video games and Husker football. One would think he’s living the typical college experience. However, he is, in fact, the victim of the horrible dictatorial control of Chancellor Ronnie Green, the freshly ordained chancellor who […] Read more

UNMC introduces Operation into classroom

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) announced this week that they will be introducing the popular board game Operation into classrooms starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, citing budget constraints. These additions to the classroom will replace more realistic— and costly— means of education. “We think this will provide our students with the most […] Read more

Heartwarming: This student takes classes with her grandmother, obliterates her on assignments

This will just make your heart melt and your eyes well up with tears. Somehow, through pure coincidence, sophomore biology major Carla Wilkinson managed to sign up for the same classes at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as her own grandmother, Holly Wilkinson, 87, who wants to finally finish college. Not only that, but on every […] Read more