Robert Mueller gives up on the Russia investigation after discovering all tampering was done from an incognito browser

Calling the last seven months a royal waste of time, special counsel Robert Mueller announced he was giving up on the Russia investigation after discovering all tampering was done from an incognito browser. “Undoubtedly, there was extensive malicious, foreign influence in the 2016 presidential election,” Mueller said in a press conference early on Tuesday morning. […] Read more

Self-aware water bottle refilling station begins eliminating students

Campus officials at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are on high alert this week after reports of a water bottle refilling station at the Nebraska Union becoming self-aware and eliminating multiple students in recent days. The refilling station, located outside the ASUN student government office, is said to have targeted students with high-powered jets of water […] Read more

Point/Counterpoint: The AT&T/Time Warner monopoly threatens our democracy vs. I love that game

Point: We live in the greatest democracy in the world. However, our greatness is threatened if AT&T and Time Warner are able to merge together. Imagine two companies that dominate their respective industries becoming one ultra-company. Talk about “too big to fail.” This single company could completely control the FCC with lobbyists who advocate for […] Read more

Professor Spends First 15 Weeks of Class Trying To Fix Projector

For most college students, dead week means long days and late nights preparing for final exams. But for the members of University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Robert Winfield’s class last semester, it meant witnessing Winfield make an astounding technological breakthrough. Students reported that on the Friday before spring semester finals, with about 10 minutes left in […] Read more