Tense parallel parking job reaches third hour

At 4:30 p.m. today, patrons at chain restaurant Chubby’s Bar and Grill witnessed the lengths to which one man will go for a convenient parking spot.

Local resident Robert Wilkinson reportedly became trapped in a hell of his own creation as he tried repeatedly to parallel park his car in front of the restaurant for several hours.

Attempts to talk Wilkinson out of the ill-fated attempt at a routine parking job were unsuccessful.

“Please, Robert,” pleaded Christina Wilkinson, the driver’s sister. “Just park somewhere else and come home. We hate seeing you like this.”

Police officers reportedly had to physically restrain Wilkinson’s hysterical mother after she arrived at the scene, keeping her from rushing towards the extremely slow-moving vehicle.

“Let me pass!” she pleaded. “Let me pass! That’s my baby in there!”

Even after the sun began to set on the unfortunate scene, Wilkinson refused to admit defeat.

“I can’t give up now! I’m so close!” Wilkinson said as he fucked up once again, over-correcting a turn and scraping his bumper up against the curb. “If I parked somewhere else it would be a 5 minute walk to my destination, and this parking spot is right here!”

“This is rockstar parking, mom!” Wilkinson added. “Fucking rockstar parking!”

Helpless bystanders couldn’t help but wonder how this situation came about. Molly Deb, who had been taking her dog for a walk through the neighborhood when the disaster began, first stumbled upon Wilkinson’s sorry attempt at parallel parking.

Though the first on the scene, Deb had no answers for The DailyER’s reporters.

“It just seems so senseless,” Deb said. “How can a fully grown man not know how to perform a routine parking job? Has he never done this before? Did he pass driver’s ed?”

At press time, a frustrated and desperate Wilkinson continued to struggle with his self-imposed ordeal, even as multiple parking spots started opening up just down the street as the neighborhood’s stores began to close.