This Cat Suit is Not Exactly What I Was Expecting | by Mildred Romero, Cat Lady


Hello, world. It’s been a while! I just wanted everyone to know that my cats and I, particularly that minx Spartacus, have been doing very well. We’ve kept busy selling arts and crafts and doing things around the house, like when I redecorated the couch with a new slipcover. It’s those kinds of exciting changes that keep life interesting, I say.

My niece, Jamie, introduced me to the Internet this year, and I have to say it’s really changed my life. Thanks to and the book “Crafting With Cat Hair,” I don’t even have to leave the house to go to Hobby Lobby anymore, and there are lots of people on that webpage Etsy who are willing to buy finger puppets made from Little Peach’s super-soft down. I do have to say, though, that I had a rather strange experience last week with a purchase I made on Ebay.

The seller, a mister “dominexxx123,” had listed a black catsuit for what I considered the reasonable price of $250 dollars. No cost is too high for me to commune with my feline children, and the purchase of a suit that would make me look like them would be absolutely the best. I know Mr. Fuzz would love a fourteenth companion, as would many of the others. So I paid, and a week later the package came in.

It was not what I ordered. Instead of a lovely cat costume, the seller sent me a box full of odd leather straps and buckles! I’m not even convinced it’s meant for a person to wear, since it had a bridle in there; maybe he also sells horse clothing and got my order mixed up. But being a nice person, I decided to keep the collection of leather junk and fashion it all into toys for my beloved cats. I’m sure Jamie will be very impressed with my skills the next time she comes over to visit.

Either way, I now have some fun leather cat toys to sell, since the pile of straps I had to work with was too big for the kids to enjoy alone.