Tim Beck Still Calling Taylor Martinez ‘Peyton Manning’

Even though he has been offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for nearly 8 months and has been in the program for over three years, Tim Beck is still calling his starting quarterback Taylor Martinez after a star NFL quarterback.

“Okay, Peyton, now this time I need you to do a five-step drop and look for how they change coverage as the play develops,” Beck could be heard saying to Martinez at a recent practice.

“It’s Taylor, coach,” Martinez yelled back to Beck, who doesn’t acknowledge the statement.

“It’s like this at every practice,” Martinez complained. “No matter how many times I tell him, he just keeps calling me Peyton Manning.”

It isn’t just in practice that Coach Beck gets the name of his quarterback wrong. At his weekly press conference, after being asked why he doesn’t have the quarterback roll out more, he stated, “Why would we roll out when we have Peyton Manning, the greatest pocket passer in the game?”

Similar confusion occurred last year, when Shawn Watson forgot which team he was coaching and enraged fans by referring to Nebraska as the Oregon Ducks.

When Bo Pelini was questioned about the mix-up, he refused to answer, shouting, “I don’t care about the offense.”