Tim Tebow Assumes Voice in Headset is God

It is third and long, and Tim Tebow only hears one thing: Go deep, Tim!

Ask the Denver Broncos quarterback who this voice belongs to, and he’ll let you know. “It’s the man upstairs,” Tebow states. “He lets me know when to go deep, and when to check down. He really looks out for me.”

Tebow, of course, is referring to Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. But don’t let him know that.

“It just blows me away — as a believer — that God is right there beside me on the football field, letting me know where to throw the ball,” said Tebow. “I don’t think I could have made the strides that I have as a passer without God guiding me every step of the way.”

Tebow’s words did not come without criticism from other NFL players.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me why God would care about a football game,” said presumed atheist and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. “If God did care, why haven’t I won a Super Bowl yet? Seriously, I’m the only Mexican-American QB in the NFL, and Mexicans love God. Jesus Christ.”

Even ESPN contributor Skip Bayless — an avid Tebow supporter — questioned God’s role in the Broncos offense. “Did God physically make the throws on the field? Of course not. You didn’t question Barry Bonds’ ability to hit the baseball even though he was on steroids,” Bayless screeched. “Just because God is on Tebow’s side, doesn’t diminish anything that Tebow accomplished himself.”