Top 5 art pictures on the fridge

By Billy, Age 6

I think these were the best of the best pictures put on the fridge.

  1. My picture of a spider when I was 3 years old. Once, I found a spider under my bed, and I drew that with black crayon for the body, red for the eyes. It was ultra scary, like the actual spider. Thanks to big sis, I even managed to make it look scarier by gluing carpet to the legs.
  2. Big sis’s weird rainbow drawing. She drew this when she was up on a building or tower or something, and she came up with some really weird wavy colors and stuff. It looks pretty, I think, and it makes my eyes water if I stare at it too much.
  3. Me and dad’s picture of a dog. It’s a wiener dog, so it’s suuuuuuuuuper long, and that’s funny.
  4. Big sis’s picture. Mom and dad put a picture of her on the fridge after she left home and didn’t come back after a while. I miss her, sometimes. In the picture, she’s wearing a polka-dot shirt, and it looks cool.
  5. My picture of giant robot ninja-knights. I like how big and sharp the swords look, and the explosions coming out of the rockets are awesome.