Top 8 potential Husker coaches for 2018

No one knows who will be roaming the sidelines next year for the Big Red, but The DailyER’s team of sports insiders has a few ideas.

  1. Mike Riley – Despite Riley being fired for the Huskers’ poor performance this year, there is speculation that the new athletic director, Bill Moos, may be swayed by Riley’s signature “nice guy” demeanor and completely forget that he fired him just days earlier.
  2. Scott Frost – Former Husker national champ Scott Frost has elevated the University of Central Florida football team from a losing season his first year to a currently undefeated run this season. Plus, his last name is a type of Gatorade.
  3. Ronnie Green – The UNL chancellor has also thrown his hat into the ring for a head coaching slot. While there is a disagreement within the University Board of Regents on whether Green can hire himself as coach, the Ron has made some big changes that make him a potential favorite. He even changed his nametag to say “Ronnie Green – Chancellor – Head Coach.”
  4. Bob Devaney – Nebraska would just need to get their hands on the top-secret hologram technology the government used to bring Tupac Shakur back at Coachella 2012. Speaking of which, Hologram Tupac would make a pretty good coach too.
  5. Jim – Jim is a long time Husker fan and high school player. Coming from Nebraska City, Jim has had tons of experience watching the games on his 42” flat-screen at home, yelling “throw the damn ball!” Although an off-the-wall candidate, Jim certainly wouldn’t be the worst football coach we’ve had.
  6. @FauxPelini – Say what you will about Pelini, but he truly could rally a team behind him. Although his antics on Twitter resemble that of his inspiration Bo Pelini, Faux has long been considered for the position.
  7. A group of campus squirrels – Ronnie Green has been rumored to be considering hiring a group of squirrels on as the collective coach. “If they can teach our boys to protect that football as well as they protect those nuts, well, that just wouldn’t be too bad,” said Green.
  8. Literally just a pineapple – Undoubtedly the most confusing potential pick, Green has so far stood by his decision to keep the pineapple in the running. Chancellor Green stated, “Ya know, he’s a bit tough on the outside, but once you get to know him, he’s a real sweet guy on the inside.”