Top eight places to get a flu shot

  1. HyVee: Every flu shot gets you 20 cents off per gallon of gas on your Fuel Saver card.
  2. The Van Brunt Visitors Center: What better way to introduce forthcoming students to “Nebraska Nice” than by protecting them from influenza?
  3. The Coffee House: Why get some generic, standard flu-shot from some corporate store like Walgreens or your doctor, when you can get an exotic, nitro-blend concoction while supporting a local business?
  4. UNL Health Center: You might as well use your student fees for something.
  5. Memorial Stadium: Because there have been some sickening things happening in that building. AAAYYYY OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Duffy’s Tavern: I’ve heard the flu shot fishbowl is really good.
  7. UNL Young Democrats Club: Unless you’re rich, then the College Republicans club has a much better flu shot made out of the tears of poor people.
  8. At your friend’s place: Because everything is better with friends!