Top five things that Rutgers tight end can catch with his tight end

Rutgers football tight end Jerome Washington put himself in the discussion for football catch of the year during his team’s match-up against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Sept. 23. Though Rutgers lost the game 27-17, Washington won the respect of college football fans as he made a circus catch that went through his legs and was held with his rear end 73 seconds into the game. According to Rutgers quarterback Kyle Bolin, a football is not the only thing he’s seen Washington catch using his posterior. Here are the top five things Rutgers tight end Jerome Washington has caught with his tight end, according to Bolin.

  1. A cold brewski from across the room: Unlike the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Rutgers University is a wet campus, which allows people ages 21 and up to drink. At a party after a good day of practice, Bolin threw a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon to Washington, who caught the can in-between his butt cheeks while lying on the floor taking a nap.
  2. These hands: Washington may be 6 foot 4 and 250 pounds, but he wasn’t always immune to an ol’ fashioned butt-whoopin’. After being bullied, Washington went under immense bodybuilding so he can enact revenge on those who wronged him in his youth.
  3. A robber: When going to the refrigerator for a midnight snack, Washington unknowingly knocked out a robber with his tight end when bending down to reach the lettuce on the middle shelf. Being in the right place at the right time, Washington was able to stop the robber from running away with his Yu-Gi-Oh card collection. This should remind players to always do their squats.
  4. A flight: When going down to tie his shoes on the runway, Washington’s bottom caught onto the nose of the airplane. Washington had an amazing view of the world beneath him on his way to Lincoln, Nebraska. The flight built his glute strength as unclenching his ass would result in free fall.
  5. A guitar pick: This proved to be harder than catching a football as a pick is tiny. After being invited to a local concert following the Nebraska game, the guitarist threw his picks at Washington from across the stage to see how many the tight end could catch with his butt in one minute. Washington caught all 24, a new world record.