Top ten football yard lines

10) 25-yard line: The assigned starting line for touchbacks. A perfect place to start this list.

9) 31-yard line: The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team’s average yard per play in 2017 was 5.6 yards. Round that up to 6 yards and the ’Skers will land at their 31-yard line on their first play after a touchback.

8) Goal Line: The goal of football is to reach this. Everybody celebrates in the end zone, but the fun only lasts for a few seconds. Plus, it takes too much work just to reach it.

7) 26-yard line: Like the 25-yard line, but one yard away.

6) 1-yard line: Just outside the end zone. Getting stopped here is like getting an 89.9/ B+ with the professor not rounding up to give you that A- to help you keep your scholarship.

5) 19-yard line: Where the infamous “Fumblerooski” happened. If Nebraska won that 1984 championship game, this would be higher.

4) 2-yard line: At least you won’t feel as bad getting stopped here as you would at the 1-yard line.

3) 42-yard line: I just really like the number 42. It’s my list and I don’t really have to state any legitimate reasons for my rankings.

2) Midfield: The line of equality. For fans of symmetry. Both teams are equal at this part of the field. If only the rest of the world were like it.

1) 38-yard line: The line where my douchebag quarterback got injured during our middle school football game. That’s right Chuck, I let the linebacker pass me to get to you. You knew I liked Lizzie.