Twelve Things That I Hate, by Me


  1. Rules! I hate being told what to do and what to think. The band members of Nirvana wouldn’t listen to my dad’s stupid laws about playing “Battlefield” after 11.

  2. Paula from biochem. She is the worst! Her jeans barely fit her right. I don’t even really want to invite her to formal.

  3. Being 14 years old! How did this even happen! I want to be 16 and do car tricks already!

  4. Spiders. Stop hogging all the legs!

  5. Standing backflips! Why is it such a hard aerial maneuver!

  6. S’mores! Don’t tell me how I feel about my food. You’re not dad.

  7. Paula’s answer to my request to go to formal with me! It was “no”!

  8. Human legs! I want to climb on a wall but that’s not what these do. Spiders are so greedy!

  9. Paul! Paula said yes to him to go to formal, even though they have basically the same name and Paul is bad at “Battlefield.”

  10. My hospital bills! Mom said I’m lucky my neck didn’t break when I landed on it but I just wanted to do one freaking standing backflip and now I’ll never get another chance because my parents are cheapskates and they banned me!

  11. My thoughts about Paula! They’re neverending and make me worse at “Battlefield.” She and Paul stare at each other in biochem and my heart pounds so hard!

  12. Rice pudding! Put rice somewhere else!