Unable to Find Remote, Grandfather Resigned to Watching Whatever the Hell This Is

After searching around his reclining chair for “ten damn minutes,” 63 year-old Lincoln resident and loving grandfather of six Louis Barton realized that he was never going to find “that stupid remote” without getting up, and decided to resign himself to watching “whatever the hell this is.”

As the “ridiculously stupid” program played, Barton could be heard muttering about how none of “those kids” ever respected “[his] things” and that his residence is always in a state of “damn chaos” whenever they come over.

“Those kids don’t even try to be civilized,” Barton could be heard complaining to himself before going silent as his television program cut to a young female in a bikini.

“It’s not like I ask for much from them,” Barton continued immediately after the show returned to not having barely clothed women on the screen.

“I asked them, at least once, to make sure that damn remote stays on the recliner, but do they ever listen? No.”

Barton then went into what can only be described as a muffled tirade about how “[he] never acted like that at his grandfather’s house” before spending the rest of the television program trying to remember what his grandfather’s name was.

As the program ended, Barton once again began looking for the remote before noticing that the next program would include two young women fighting and wrestling while at a car wash, then decided that it wasn’t worth finding the remote “quite yet.”