Freshman Wears NSE Shirt For 4 Months Straight

Freshman criminology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Teddy “Beans” McCullough, seems like any average, wide-eyed freshman trying to finish out his first semester of college, except McCullough has yet to change his shirt since the semester started in August.

“I just never saw any reason to take it off,” McCullough told The DailyER, “It represents everything that I stand for, a love for the Huskers and for the class of 2019. I don’t understand why anyone would ever take this shirt off.”

“He sleeps in it, showers in it, and even goes competitive paddleballing in it,” said Jerry Nelson, McCullough’s roommate. “After about the third week into the school year I began to get concerned for Beans. It seemed that the stress of college life had really gotten to him, but I guess he just really likes that shirt.”

“Beans didn’t shower for about six weeks,” reported Lindsey Adams, McCullough’s girlfriend. “Once the smell became unbearable, I told him he had to shower or we were through, but he ended up just taking a shower in his NSE class of 2019 shirt. I admit, I was very impressed by his commitment to both the Huskers and the class of 2019. It also seemed to be positively affecting his paddleball game. I’ve never been more attracted to Beans than I have in my entire life.”

McCullough has shot through the competitive paddleball ranks since August, starting at 1254th in the world rankings. As of last week, McCullough was 67th. Could the shirt be the cause of the success of his recent paddleball achievements?

“I’m not a superstitious person,” McCullough said. “I attribute my recent paddleball success to daily practice and perseverance. You know what they say, ‘to paddleball with the best, you have to practice with the rest.’ The shirt is not my lucky charm, my right hand and wrist is.”

The current record for longest period of time in the same shirt is 178.6 days; McCullough is closing in on 130.