War zone photographer sees silver lining in every tragedy


Local photographer Clive Bowman has impressed all of Nebraska with his ability to capture the true horrors of war with his lense. According to Bowman, there’s no great secret to his technique. The key, he said, is positivity.


“A lot of battlefield journos will tell you about how they distance themselves from the combat or treat it as a civic duty,” Bowman said.  “Not me- I just try to have fun!”


This unorthodox approach has caused detractors to accuse Bowman of callousness, but he maintains that he’s just living his life to its fullest no matter what global conflict he’s documenting.


“I work with a lot of young journalists on campus and they always get so serious looking when I show off my work,” Bowman said. “My advice to them? It’s just taking pictures, dude. Don’t be afraid to say cheese and snap some silly ones.”


Some close to Bowman have openly speculated that he may be blocking out bad memories as a coping strategy, but he insists that he has never had a bad memory.
“Some people say it’s crazy I get shot at for my job. I say it’s not a job if you’re always having a great time.”