Weatherman, seeking cheap Runzas, fired for reporting false temperatures

lying weatherman

Area weatherman and television personality Dan Summers was fired from the KLNK newscast this past week after a team of industry insiders discovered a pattern of deliberate misinformation in Summers’ reporting.

Since at least 2011, Summers reported lower-than-true temperatures every Tuesday morning in the months of January and February in order to lower the price of his lunch.

The station accused Summers of systemically rigging Runza’s Temperature Tuesday special, in which the price of their runza sandwich is the temperature at 6 a.m. Runza pulls their official temperature from KLNK.

Summers’ lapse of judgment was seen as especially egregious due to the station’s importance to the restaurants, but he still eagerly admitted to his habit.

“Sure, I did it,” Summers told The DailyER. “I am crazy about those hot beef and cabbage sandwiches. I realized the power I had, and abused it.”

Summers assumed that “nobody was awake by then,” and that they wouldn’t notice an incorrect morning temperature.

Many in the community couldn’t believe that a beloved television host would jeopardize his job over such a small amount of money.

“The temperature is pretty stable this time of year,” said area resident Joe Miller. “It doesn’t vary by much more than 20 degrees, but I’m just guessing since I’m not usually awake then. Did he seriously get himself fired over 20 cents a week?”

KLNK management posed the same question to Summers before terminating his contract.

“Yes, absolutely,” Summers responded. “If I save 20 cents on a combo, it’s like I get a free one. Instead of paying for 16 combos, I only had to buy 15.”
In addition to misleading the public, Summers was then fired for consuming more than the industry-standard 2 pounds of Runza per week.